Who is eligible for child tax credit monthly payments?

You can apply for the child tax credit for every qualifying child who has a valid Social Security number to work in the United States. If you decide not to receive any more monthly payments, you will receive the remaining child tax credit as a lump sum next year when you file your tax return. You may qualify for the credit for other dependents for a child or dependent who is not a qualifying child for the purposes of the child tax credit. If you're not sure how to reconcile your credit or think you've been overpaid, quality tax software or working with a professional tax preparer can help you reconcile your credit before the tax filing deadline.

The IRS Child Tax Credit (CTC UP) update portal allowed you to opt out of early CTC payments, change the way you received advance payments, and check the amount of advance payments you received. Even if you're not required to do so, filing a tax return will allow you to get the CTC and the additional tax credits you might be eligible for, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The child tax credit, or CTC, is an annual tax credit available to taxpayers with qualifying dependent children. You can add or change your bank account information through the IRS child tax credit update portal.

If you haven't filed a tax return for this year or previous years and think you may owe taxes, see “Filing Overdue Tax Returns” on the IRS website to learn what to do. The American Rescue Child Tax Credit Plan provides the largest child tax credit in history and historic relief to most working families in history. When you file your tax return and receive the rest of your CTC as part of your tax refund, this amount can be reduced by pay late child support payments, back taxes, federal or state debts, and garnishments by creditors and debt collectors. Individual income tax return and attaching a full Schedule 8812, Credits for qualifying children and other dependents.

The Get It Back campaign helps eligible people apply for tax credits and use free tax filing assistance to maximize time.

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